Sunday, 8 September 2013

Further Contemplation

No alteration on human physiology
can evict this frustration

my dreams hover close to futility
and what more irresponsible
than aiding this humanity
in felony

more sickly conscioius
of all the more sickly accomplished
and further burdened
by awareness
to a point of weightless insomnia

Neither is this dismay,
lapping up my pride
from where others spit
is my answer to the call
of social responsibility

and further you away from me
with these words of courtesy

for I had this notion
that a feeling is to be considered

that you should care for my thoughts

and if you agreed or had sympathy,
such an opinion
would count for something

and other such idealistic gibber
Nah, fuck all
and fuck is stabbing;
penetration, you cunt you

No deranged form of ambition has surveived
my trespassing passion
effeminate softness
felling the rationality
that should've governed my thought

No, no ambition could
and heed this absurdity

of my staining words
and tabooed contemplation;

you will blame in the end
and yes, there should have never
existed a kin for me

no plural for such obscenity

but you let the world be
littered with pens and paper

and your pretensions keep you
from cutting my hands and tongue

yes, the devil lives in the truth
and alas, the truth can't be cancelled
it is the way things are

but then you can and must righteously say
you are my enemy
and that vengeance is the reason
I write these things
to soothe a trauma
derived from original sin

that my roots are in debauchery
that will ultiamtely
be banished by god

that god's omnipotence
has ordained me
to try your faith

by the strength of which
you oppose every argument
I in my malign imagination concoct

abstract conceptual schemes
to cut down your dreams

and that dreams should always fly
even if we dream of what we can't want

But there is obviously
a border between you and me
on my side of which
all sentiments are false

and all my statistics misinterpreted

even my wounds are all misconcieved

and only the insult you suffer here
is plausible

and I can't be insulted
and I can't be insulted

thrice would make it true
but you will too
and work for me

when you state your complaint
against what I just said

for the mere fact that you got insulted here
cancelled my right to be insulted in return

nor to begin with

it couldn't have been justifiable
but do ask your god,
your egalitarian authority,
the ever evading mystery
you hold so dear

why I have come
with the power

to thus disturb you.

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