Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Conclusion of the Human Condition

Release and let go
Science has failed
– No, it was manipulated, it was used for systematic policy
The world does not take a master,
it holds prisoners,
but the system of the policy
is in confusion
like a ship without a captain.

Our culture as a species
is in conflict with the nature of the world.

The nature of things has survived all blows.
It is us, that will end, and not the world.

Don't fucking touch me, I know the truth.
The human has committed a crime.
To end is not unnatural, nor is the felony,
but to be what we were shall be the punishment
when the world is finished with human consciousness.

This is the logic of a disrupted system.
Chaos of the Cosmos shall prevail.

Like the rat that rose against the moving train
Atlas, by far the most pompous totem of majesty and hubris,
is consumed and recycled by the world he let go of.

Promethean fire burned, its smoke screening the Sun.

(In this annhilation I ask that you stop me from surviving,
You, that have returned to unity
with instinctual nature
and serve all gods with equal ferocity.)

That which is human
can no more withstand such nature.

Knowledge escapes the language without a reader.
Despite all that fabulation
The truth of the world remained inhuman.
Neutral at best, and always immaculate.

And you must understand that these words summon the beast
to cancel the organism,
cut its ties, its umbilical cord, and let it bleed
its intelligence revoked, a subject shunned by matter
and shut out of context.

Its finality flashing in every word,
every letter, F for finality
the last symbol
carrying the function of end

Fis, the last note on the sheet
as a conclusion
to the terminal condition
of the system,
the stalemate of the organism

after which humanity is fire
and shall burn,
with all it can ignite,
to cinder, and unlearn
all culture.

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