Saturday, 8 April 2017

ex nihilo nihil fit

This is my active dying process
letting myself go
as I discover me
to be more than what I was

and the more I become
the more to give away

and thus exhaust my potential

I serve my time
until it is interrupted
by what I could not overcome

Scour to the bottom
(and through that flimsy concept)
down to the origin of the world
to find my deeper nature
trace the purpose
and follow it back
the way it transformed

from the initial will to be
to when it becomes
the will to die

I expect ecstatic joy
to counter the pain of being born
and complete the circle
to re-create the perfect harmony
that my life ruptured

from the monstrous origo
I have become
to fall in love with nothing
after everything else is gone for me

and absolute freedom is renewed.

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