Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Rather love a man who stands
to face his mistakes
than the man who lives by formal virtue

Rather love a woman who loves
passionately for a moment
than the one who claims to love eternally

Rather trust the need and despair
even if love was at times half-hearted
than believe that transcendental beings need human love.

And to love a human you must love an animal.
So is there a problem?

Can you love a woman for a moment,
say that she is beautiful, and then
in the morning leave?

Can it be love if you don’t stay?

And can you say to a man
to a woman,
a soldier
that truth is vacillant,
that we are all alone
with our questions?

Rather surmise that human beings need love,
but how to love and who can love
if love is all or nothing like truth?
Like the heart of the world,
all or nothing?

Rather let love free
than devalue love

down to an excuse.

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