Saturday, 5 May 2018

Circling the Zero

Let loose
like a chance
– at least to be –

to fumble and suffer
of causality and synchronicity alike

to the detriment of the zero hour
where we went to recoil

having unlearned the painful lesson
of having been

and as such accepted in full
as if granted

that I was there
– here
until I finally remember again

The mercy of the world
that grants everything
an equal place
in the whole

and a presence
mutually true
in the context
of the body

each an organ,
tumor or a parasite

Let ring like the echo
forever declining

that can't by definition
reach silence

but chime in
in this emptiness
where every smallest ripple

has the same messianic presence
(also called panic)

Dissonant Discourse
– ho-hum of chaos

still like a constant
singular digit

concurrent next to none
the schizoid self
and its enthropic will

Parading unrecognized
in an abyss
of mirrored sameness

and scream in panic
at this solitude of being

or calm down, pray
talk to nothing

and mediate
to each and everyone

The Same Absolute Void

A Paradox of unquantifiable qualities
layered and coiled,
open to further dimensions,
let loose

by the antithesis of authority

The Bullshit, their excuses
that are no more valid
than anything you could come up with

to save a face that was false to begin with
because none of us knew anything
in the beginning

all our claims of righteousness
are equally absurd
and we have no justice
unless we make it together.

Alone, each of us must confess
that we dreamed it all up.

And each of our successes
was a chance

for our successors
to make use

of what we lay waste
conquering the conditions,
the present moment, the now

The Background, constants,
the quantum presence

out of which we have this
monumental body of limitations,
contextually defined order
we inherit without asking

the physis, wherein and how
we work and toil

to make our dreams real
– The Void we come from.

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