Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Honorables May Now Rise

The sum of human glory, the greatness of humanity
is that a human can, on individuation
sometimes evolve into a perspective
that perceives humanity as the sickness it is

and forms a grave loathing toward this form of being
that could have become something on its own
but refused

Even those angelic humans
who have faith in providence
and thus have with them
the promise of an afterlife

Even they shied away
from the responsibility

and rather remained subordinate
and satellite

to animal inconsistence
monstrous in the center

Or is it that they
like the rest of us
are by natural law forbidden,
perhaps programmed
not to surpass this,
our nature

and put to leash the beast's
greed and complacency
that live in us
like a persistent never
in the place of what could have been?

Such a being is doomed
to be what it is,
to know itself and
exist unaltered
until the world buries it.

Ye, that judge
– the honorables –
may now rise
and create a verdict
out of your example.

The beast will then take its stand
in ovation

and step down
in awe of ideas
composition of which
resonates with all of the world

or resume with you
the tortured hunt
for ever evading


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