Monday, 4 November 2013


There was an agreement. Note that there was no argument. We were comparing our intel. We had drawn the same conclusions and had maps of the same world in our hands. And a simulation of a bleak future, a possible extinction, nemesis. Even a close call would mean a great loss – if history was lost, the rupture would have erased enough of what we've been through, we might as well have been brutes, hostile alphas, just as well be utterly bewildered, manipulated and exploited. We might as well not have been, and it could all be played out again and again for countless eons until the new people would learn what we have learned through our failures and suffering. And all we ever had was a possibility that we squandered. It might as well be God's wrath all over again. Our story, the last remaining reference to all we ever were might as well be that of demise, as we were the ones time's churning ocean swept away. In the long run, only survival can validate our systems.

    To make this briefing concise; we are controlled on the grounds of an agreement older than the social contracts we presumed, and these are treaties of power. By now the world we were born into was divided between massive hierarchies of accumulated and assimilated power, divided into territories of interest defined according to ownership – an invention, a custom that honored the claim of those with the power to claim ownership and presume this abstract link between the owner and the owned.
    These owner groups were in agreement only according to their own interests, and thus all equally set against each other. As long as they are unable to form contracts like the social agreements we had formed, and according to which we could perceive our interests as shared, they would all have to see each other as the enemy. And this, in turn, would render the world their battleground as they play out their zero-sum game, because they have the power and the control -- which are synonymous -- and they hold the world theirs by abstract ultimately arbitrarily assigned heritage. The outcome of this game, again, as long as they can't see our interests as equal to theirs, is inevitable in this system as ownership, and thus the hierarchies themselves, need to be reasserted, reinforced and preserved because such a system will reach harmony only through total control of all resources or their depletion. The game is a game of extremes that can't be settled with any other outcome than total victory or total annihilation. Maybe they perceive our social contracts as unsatisfactory compromises as our contracts would cancel the need to conquer.

    There are also forces and realities these power groups had no choice but to neglect. For one, the world is of limited resources, gaining perhaps only from the sun and sudden impacts, which means that the resources for their all out war would diminish and run out, until there was but a naked screaming animal against another – but still defending their abstract ownership, the sacred heritage of the Ancien RĂ©gime. And this because they had adopted systems of production that disrupted the circulation of – ultimately, energy – resources our environment's self-sustaining and self-regulating systems were based on. In short, their systems consume and produce waste whereas nature recycles all materials. The running out in consuming systems is inevitable like a candle burns until there is no candle.
    And the waste material is ultimately energy in a form we are unable to use, or worse, energy in a form harmful for our anatomy and environment. This is the definition of waste. And if these consuming processes are not stopped, they will go through all the matter available to humanity and transform it to waste, thus wasting all of our existence.

Now is the time this war should stop, since there is already enough waste or otherwise released harmful matter in our atmosphere that the global climate systems are being, in effect, disrupted. And as the climate as an overall system is, by these disruptions, set to change, and if the change is fast enough, more and more organisms are unable to adapt, and thus, perish. We are not one of the most resilient organisms. Even now, our odds are bad, and the longer the war continues, and the more it uses resources and destroys the Eco-system, the more inevitable and immediate our annihilation is.

I would also like to pose a question: how can we force these power hierarchies to respect our social contract if our social contract bans the use of force? How, if only a few of us are conscious of these contracts that, if respected, would have canceled the possibility of this now evident dead-end?

Would it be possible to argue these points I tried to sketch here widely enough that we could avoid this destruction?

And while you dismiss the burden of these questions, and return to your more important things, I receive the same answer I receive from the universe to all the questions I ever conceived – silence.
And I will soon have to admit to the interpretation that the silence means yes, it is impossible to argue anything of the sort widely enough.

And then fuck off and resume whatever you were doing.   

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