Monday, 10 August 2015

The USSR 2.0 or `the essence of time is war´

This post is my reaction to the Vice News Documentary about the Texan fighting fascism on the side of the DPR in Ukraine: 
First encounter with this guy was a surreal experience. I thought the clip was a hideous perversion of reality. But because lately I have been thinking along the lines of actual function -- what we physically do, what kind of system we have -- thinking that our narrations, which are very disjointed, serve only as a kind of explanation to our actions, and that the only criteria for our narrations, stories, is the explanatory power they hold. And even a flawed story can motivate and create coherency, it can spark action, and however misinformed the action itself may be and intuitive the understanding of it, the action, when conjoined with the happening all around, it can form coherent force and function. Now if we look at the bigger picture this Texan communist fighting Kiev led Ukrainian forces on the side of the Donbass pro-Russian separatists and claims to be fighting fascists, who are the same everywhere, you have to accept that there is coherent function, that is, if you see a project based on fascist ideas in the world. Indeed, the world is made of ideas and projects. Do you know which side are you on, or is the side you are on actually the project you want to work for?
Here is an excerpt from the linked documentary, it is a transcript of a view given by an unnamed separatist:
"The people who join us: we have --spaniards, Italians, Texas is an American -- are those who see the high level of misfortune in their own countries. They are not comfortable when they see what's going on there and how the people are being put down. They understand but can't always explain it, that this war is going on in their countries too. We think that what is going on now is a transformation of the global order. We think there is a clash between two projects. The project we are fight against we call the Black project. This project is based on fascist ideas. It is well known that in the US, France and Germany public education is being dumped down on purpose. They are being turned into slime. Into people who are unable to understand their situation. Who are unable to put up resistance to what is being done to them. There are people who don't want to be turned into slime. There is one country who is putting up such a resistance, and that is Russia. Our final goal is the re-establishment of the soviet union, a new improved version we call the USSR 2.0."

I dislike authoritarianism, I want freedom, I am an anarchist in the sense that the only limit to my freedom is the freedom of others. Liberation, to me can be only an anti-authoritative project. The right wing left wing debate here in Finland, like the immigration debate, boils down to a question of authority; Who gets to be the author of the project we as a nation realize. This Texan didn't want to be a lone crazy guy fighting fascism in America, so he went to where he is not alone, and where he is appreciated. Even his country sound singing fuck you Obama and right sector are fags in russian seems in place.

Apparently another American fighter, who died fighting on the side of the Ukrainian government, was in his own mind fighting the same oligarchs this here Texan is fighting. Fighting the dark forces. I'd say any project built on fascist ideas is indeed a very Black project, because fascism is authoritarianism in a crude form. Now if Putin's regime is also very authoritative, we can see the problem: there is actually only one project, an imperialist one, and choosing a side in this zero sum game is choosing between two projects equal in function and different only in name as if the only option was to fight and the answer is war. This really attests to the point made by the Texan in his country song:
"The essence of time is war"
But there are other projects out there. I have one here in the middle of nowhere, where there is relative freedom. There were some Jehova's witnesses at my door the other day. I told them to fuck off. I don't have to talk to those authoritarian loons. I have my project, and my explanation, if their explanation is the only truth, we really don't have much to talk about. We are on different sides and their project is opposing to mine. We are enemies. But as long as they pose no threat to my freedom, as long as they don't have authority over me, I don't need authority over them. As long as they don't pollute the earth I live on and piss in my well, and let me have my system, we are not at odds.

And I do have bigger enemies. The Texan said many times, America has a fascist government. I think so too, and so does Finland. And Finnish government, for what little they have any coherency in their actions, has a very Black project, but they also call it Liberation. Neo-liberation, but what it means is giving ultimate authority to money. Whatever narration they use, it seems like bullshit compared to their actions. Saying that what you do is motivated by the furthering of general well being does not mean anything if it is in plain sight that what is done only widens the gap of the rich and poor and creates social instability.

The Texan wanted to liberate Europe and head west after that, return to America riding on an armored vehicle. I plan to live free right here even if it means fighting alone in the middle of nowhere. But I trust with a population density of 0,6 per square kilometer and an arctic climate, I get to be relatively free for as long as the earth is alive and the water in my well is drinkable.

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