Tuesday, 19 January 2016

It's just that we didn't have to...

Here's an opinion: ”The banking system faces an existential threat — and it’s not bitcoin”, from an article in marketwatch.com written by Mark Fleming-Williams (Original article can be found here). And I do agree, but just as the banking system is facing an existential threat posed by the people the system rode too hard, like Thomas Wolsey (1473 –1530) rode the throne of papacy in England too hard in his time, thus bringing to end the rule of the Catholic church in England, no, it is not just that the people are rearing to throw the banks off of their backs, but there is also an existential threat that the banking system poses to the people, a threat that urges the people to rise against the system. The banking system, as also described by Mark Fleming-Williams, is definitive of our economy, and the way we set our economy echoes all through society: `the banks have the power to create money out of nothing´ and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that it means that the entire world is subject to the power of the banks because the banks have a monopoly on creating that which is synonymous to power: money.

And it is not only that, but the banking system is also at the epicenter of the all consuming vortex, the postmodern eye of the void of meaning – why everything means nothing – why all the words are bullshit. This because our rationality, and not just our rationality, but almost all of our meaning systems have been subject to the laws of consumerism as spiritual institutions and alternative lifestyles, churches and convents have prostituted and traded their "truth" and their "purpose" to those of profiteering. Thus art is profiteering, religion is profiteering, politics is profiteering, right and wrong are profiteering, war is profiteering and the truth is monetary, for it can be produced, sold and reinvented with money.

Yes, and this because we were all dependent on this physical world and the conditions, the physical laws and the chemical atmosphere, the things we physically need. These have always surpassed all spiritual principles and have always rendered ideal second to practice for there is no way we can disregard the laws of the world that we are, as physical entities, parts of.
But then again we have this system that is exhausting the conditions that enabled us as a species both physically, and as we have to come to realize what we have done, also spiritually, because there can be no meaning, no sense of purpose for a species, for a culture that eats its own future and creates its own end.

We are what we make of it as the Anthropic perspective closes forever, a chapter closed, a challenge forfeited, a possibility lost. Or do you think that there is some purpose that the spirit could gather to in this project of collective extinction? 

In short, so that we could understand this fundamental problem, how we are governed and fucked at will by those who can. It is nothing but power, and where did this power go when the King lost his divine mandate to rule? Yes, it was assigned to the only quantitative value that we have, and to create it from nothing, well, doesn't that make you God almost almighty? But there is power to this money just as long as we have faith in it, just like their fucking gods with which they controlled us for such a long time. This is why it is so becoming to talk about an existential threat. And why there are `them´ and `us´.
And who are they? They are just like you and me, maybe just more fortunate, greedy and eager, ruthless and mercenary. Yes, the mercenaries never die, these traitors, agents of exhausting consumerism. And what do they consume, with our collaboration? Yes, the conditions that enabled us. Maybe "they" are just an expression of that spineless death instinct that refuses the world and rather turns to daydreams that masturbate the ego and cut the spirit out of the world in fear of contamination. This instinct that we must burn the world to avenge the fact that we have to die. 
And we have all catered to this instinct because we feel cheated, and seeking the comfort our infantile hearts yearn we turn away from the world. But to a comfort that is not there. There is nothing outside this world, and in this world there is no salvation, no comfort, because we do not take the responsibility, we do not become the will that would reinvent safety through reconciliation of the conflicts that disrupt our lives, we do not create a sustainable economic system, and never evolve back into a species that creates comfort through acceptance of the physical and bodily limits of our being. No, we always want more, and nothing is enough, because we have this imagination to which the world pales in comparison, and we can invent all the excuses to avoid the world.

This is why our boom will end with a bang. The sharp spike of a population boom that declined just as fast, and got recycled, like everything we took down with us. Or do you think that those in power will let us take away their privileges just like that? Do you think we can change the system of distribution and disregard the abstract systems of ownership? Do you think those in power, with money, want their value undermined? 

We all had the power, the magic was given away, assigned to these digits that make things happen, the science of making and doing was sold and wrung for profit, and we lie down to die thinking it is all we could have done.

It's just that we didn't have to...

st that we didn't have to.

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