Sunday, 17 April 2016

Word and Image falling vol. 2

And here is another very interesting news article from the polarized cacophony that is modern medias, and notice that this is an RT news story, again, as I regularly check also what the Eastern machine is saying, and I have to say the world we live in does appear to be like the trans-postmodernist visions of some of the worst/best acid heads of the last century: dire times of impending catastrophe, sauve qui peut, word an image falling, smell of burnt film, the nostalgia going stale as the heavy corporate issue boots trample on the discarded pics that litter the suburban cobble stone streets, the memories as illusory as lacking in reference, and these photos, pocked marked by the burns, collateral distortion of the run-down empty message still aired as the earth is scorched, like the stones missing from the pavement, fundamental holes in the structure, you see, you can observe, when you turn off of the main street, see behind the scenic props of this system now shaking down to its core, the master narratives are slowly falling,

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