Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Queen is Sick (the mother has seen too much)

I know all the secret names;
they are arbitrary
  -- but how can a mother be
in a dying world?

I found a bridge
but it was in the Terrain
and could not be used
between us

because it wasn't a sign
it was just a bridge

not in the obvious place
but animals had used it

there were traces
in the snow

I crossed and got lost
but only for a while

and then I went back
to where I had been

and it was now a human place
and there are these signs
-- so how can a mother be?

She has to believe
She is the Queen

and She can never know
even if the world was dying

but she lives in a human place
and if there is a future
for these the traces that point there – beyond

like Us

We can find Her
and the world as we know it
was not dead after all

it only came close
and the mother could only hope
(it is so very human)

but we who are not the Queen

we now know that the Terrain isn't arbitrary.

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