Tuesday, 8 October 2013

No Ambition

I have no ambition
or I have misunderstood what it is

It may also be
that my inability to want
what I want

has cancelled ambition for me

or I should want more
and hold my course
until my want
is replaced by possession

And that I should never be satisfied,
Rather driven

But all I can muster
is hunger
and having eaten
I'd rather sleep

And sleep only as long as I can dream

And how much less are my dreams
when I openly state that they are all fictitious

And ultimately arbitrary
like fantasy

But still more real to me than ambition
And hold priority over physical existence

Without dreams
I'd rather not be
and that is my will

Animal testament
of majesty
where ever I lay my head

and in congress with my vaccillant desires
I compromise all certainty
and risk what motivation I have left

it is a good thing that I still have my hunger
until I eat
and then I know I will feel sleepy

Rising with the sun
because the sun is
and I have come to be
and succumb to darkness
when night finally falls
for the night will fall
after the last sunset

and as light we will exit
leaving unbeing

to nothingness.

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