Monday, 28 October 2013

Symbolic Account

Symbolic Account
(part 1)

Mise en abyme
Post mortem in ownership
The ship is jointly ours
Like the magic that fuels
its processes
the systemic dynamo
the dreams to animate

Co-opted at existence
Primordial territories
marked on the body
of the world
with age-old urine
physical messages
in the sand and ants
some wavering scents
in on-going wind-shift
of air belonging
to nowhere
and every place
its place
Chase this to metabiosis, to make it real
let it be proven by the ways of the world
formula and function –
the current's artistry
and that it is indeed folly
what sad nuggets out of this palimpsest I have seen carved
with incisive and extracting power-tools
and play their tricks on me no more
I says in the abyss
and ocean
all fear and love
all that may wither and die
like my heart with the world
That mirrors its solipsism on you
as you were it and it were you too and true
you being all but none
and this map boils down
to its finality,
factual letters on the page
that keep such pace in my ecstasy
and bone-hammer noise of my ears
Oh Lord,
H.C. Anna's wind
and 'til or more thelomere
in our eternal blood
that changes from light
to matter – this pace
rhythm stroke of events
in myriads and myriads
multiplied with all numbers
this blast per minute rate
heartbeat of phenomena
Thee, Oh World cannot be governed
by less then thou art
and thou art all
and so very old

your minds in a hive, aspiring
to see who is they
and not to see us
even on the opposite end of their parallel

but the will to decide
against them might still
be what unites us
into this subject
not matrimony to a persona
like their despicable rant
about the nation's soul
sincerely played at all dollhouses,
molestation and torture

armed the force
to more suffering
chanting their excuse
words by name
and thus free and clear
of all meaning

to them applicable
onset point of reference
in beyond, not deep space
just out of the picture and immaculate

But we don't allow that
No, we nail them down
(de nagler englene til jorden
med sjel og krop)
to this physicality
cut the wings of their fiction

and see them as inanimate objects
to get our revenge
against our enemy
in function

Precisely them in flesh and hands
at toil in unloving
and careless plunder

I ask your havoc
to descend on them
and seal them with
their exhale poison
and cancer seeds
that undermine our shared body

Their heartless worm in our marrow
compared to my maggot blood
in your nose I hope to be
distinguished as accordingly
and equally foul

it's just that my vermin trail spelled
their name for your ears
ugly scab society
and limit you as separate from them
by implication

to have a chance in insisting
that they step down
from their honor
and see the same blood
on their hands

the blood we chose to spill

our blood in them

their blood on my map

as a symbolic statement

(part 2)

Refusal manifesting
as antagonism
in play

yet we must evade
that grim-robe role
their death hath to
us assigned

we be butchers
in deed
but not answer to their hog-call:

For they hath summoned us
in evil alignment
to see satan at least
replacing missed god
point of reference
un-pinpointable absolute

they wish to gain
by staking me up as enemy

I'll be it
Albion the deceitful
take all the names
and wage imperial war
in their Algeria
all for Fraternité, Egalité et Liberté

And hand my rebellion
to them
so that they can be sanct and just
Robespierre the cleanly

Wash hands red and sore
until you see the same
in hands
on hands

pumping in the veins
of those primate appendixes
that in vain toil
to dam and circumvent
the rushing currents
that like tidal floods flow

when tribes and nations
are on the boil
shift and trade places
buy and sell human meaning
with monetary blood.

But what if this joint
shift urge –
could be passed on
for free?

All it takes is to give without demanding in return?

And do let me proclaim
you are as free of me
as of all others

we will remain beyond what you are
so that you may remain intact
for what you can take the confinement

Let the stars scar and sear me
with their ever unloving light
let you touch me
with wordless imageless sex
hands with no emotion
but sensory connection

Let you be inhuman
in communion

Let you be free
without hesitation
and thenceforth
shall there be

no fiction between us.

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